Impostor Syndrome: Forget the fear

Impostor Syndrome: Forget the Fear

I see a lot of discussion amongst entrepreneurial women, of dealing with impostor syndrome and challenging fears.

Whether it be fear of visibility, wondering what friends and family will think, fear of failure…even fear of success.

I have written in the past that I sometimes think it’s (at least in part) due to the societal pressures of modesty women are expected to uphold.

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How to Link Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Business Page

How to Link a Facebook Group to a Business Page

My new favourite Facebook Feature!

Have you been waiting to be able to link your Facebook group?

The feature you need is finally here.

As you know, I love giving tips about Facebook groups so I couldn’t resist posting this to help you out! In this post I’ll give you a step by step on how to link your Facebook group to your Facebook business page.

As a Facebook group owner running 3 different groups, I was more than a little excited recently to hear about this new feature. It took a while for me to finally get it but I did last night, and here’s what happened.

First, let’s do a walkthrough of how the setup works. It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes.

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Strong and Worthy work life

Making it Work

I’ve been so looking forward to announcing and launching this site, and a great deal of work has gone into it.

Now a full 2 weeks behind the originally scheduled launch date, delayed by illness, technical issues, a death in the family which involved some travel, and the last minute decision to attend a conference, it is finally ready!

In hindsight, I’m glad it didn’t work out 2 weeks ago. Because it’s launching now, on International Women’s Day, which couldn’t be more fitting for a site that supports, empowers and inspires women to live their most fulfilling life.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

If you have made resolutions this year that are self-care related, such as making fitness a priority, eating healthier, losing some weight, or getting more sleep, you’ve made a commitment to yourself. Such commitments have proven hard to keep for many, and rightly so. We’re all leading incredibly busy lives, struggling as it is to find bits of extra time in our days for the extra things we want to do, never mind additional things we may not want to do.

And there is the problem.

Even with the best of intentions, if the resolution you’ve chosen is something you dread or genuinely don’t enjoy, it is destined to eventually fail. If something is going to be dropped from your to-do list in March, you can bet it’s going to be that thing that you hate but have been forcing yourself to do each day.

So, what’s the workaround?

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