Impostor Syndrome: Forget the fear

Impostor Syndrome: Forget the Fear

I see a lot of discussion amongst entrepreneurial women, of dealing with impostor syndrome and challenging fears.

Whether it be fear of visibility, wondering what friends and family will think, fear of failure…even fear of success.

I have written in the past that I sometimes think it’s (at least in part) due to the societal pressures of modesty women are expected to uphold.

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Self Care Video: Tips, Ideas and the ESC Method

I am incredibly excited to launch this first video in this tip-filled self care series I recently co-created with the fabulously talented Life Coach Elvira Hopper of!

I met Elvira a few years back at a networking event and knew at some point I would love to work with her. I am not one to normally use the term “effervescent” when describing people, but I will make the exception for Elvira, as she truly is what she claims to be: a woman living on a HIGH vibration. It’s impossible not to feel a wave of positive energy when in her presence and it has been an absolute honour working on this series with her!



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Moving Forward After Failure - Strong and Worthy

Failing vs Failure: Life Lessons From My Personal Journey

I need to tell you a little something about the “f” word.

No, not that one. But one that seems, to many, equally profane.

That word is failure.

Like many entrepreneurs, I have experienced my share of them amongst the victories. Some small, and one in particular, very, very big.

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Tea for one

Break out those “good” dishes.

We talk a good game, don’t we? About the importance of self care. About knowing how critical it is in order to function and be fulfilled in our lives and our work.

We adore Pinterest boards dedicated to it, reaffirming our love affair with the notion. From inspirational quote pins by Oprah to the ever-popular “can’t fill an empty cup” analogy, all styled beautifully with artful backgrounds. Such a romantic idea, self care is, isn’t it? Like some kind of dreamy other world we get to occasionally get a wistful glimpse of while admiring other fantasies on the internet. As we stay up past 2am to meet a deadline…

Such images and quotes are beautiful but they’re not realistic, right? I mean, we don’t actually bother with setting aside dedicated time for ourselves because seriously. Those 50 million things on our ever-growing to-do lists aren’t going to miraculously all complete themselves. Self care, it would seem, is but a glamorous fantasy.

It’s that “good” porcelain teapot, safely displayed behind the glass doors of our china cabinets, expensive and frivolous and so very rarely used. It’s that indulgent spa gift card a friend gave us 6 years ago that is still probably somewhere amidst the chaos in our wallets. It’s the $10 purple orchid we swoon over and then walk away from in the grocery store flower department. Surely that $10 is better spent on something more practical, anyway.

The notion of self care, like using that teapot or gift card or buying that flower, is lovely and romantic, but the reality is, there’s no place for such things in day to day life.


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