Self Care Video: Tips, Ideas and the ESC Method

I am incredibly excited to launch this first video in this tip-filled self care series I recently co-created with the fabulously talented Life Coach Elvira Hopper of!

I met Elvira a few years back at a networking event and knew at some point I would love to work with her. I am not one to normally use the term “effervescent” when describing people, but I will make the exception for Elvira, as she truly is what she claims to be: a woman living on a HIGH vibration. It’s impossible not to feel a wave of positive energy when in her presence and it has been an absolute honour working on this series with her!



In this first video of our series, we discuss the importance of self care, things that hold many of us back from bothering with it, and the concept of “Extreme” self care.

Extreme?? What is Extreme Self Care (ESC), exactly?

Sounds a little over the top, right? How can self care be “extreme”, and if you’re already struggling to find time for self care at all, how the heck are you going to do so in an “extreme” way?

As a busy entrepreneur juggling countless to-do’s and as a busy mom with a hectic schedule on the best of days, I hear you! But, I can assure you “extreme” self care is not nearly as intimidating as it sounds. In fact, our goal with this project is actually to help you start viewing your own self care as something basic, easy and totally doable anytime. And that is how it should be!

Why use the word “extreme”, then? 

For starters, we hope to get you thinking differently about self care. About how it is actually a necessity for your life, as opposed to a luxury. We’re going to take an in-depth look at the belief system behind the concept of self care being selfISH, and how to turn that around. And it’s going to be a bit of a mind bender, because we know you, like us, have been under the impression for a long time that self care may be somehow inappropriate or at the very least not a priority. How much thought have you given to that? We hope this will help you take a moment to consider the reasons we believe the things we do, and how we can change not only our own lives for the better, but the lives of those we love.

Please enjoy this first video from the series, and forgive us for how dark the room was! We learned our video newbie lesson and all future vids in the series are in a might brighter setting. Live and learn! We still feel this message is worth sharing.

Self Care Video: Tips, Ideas and the ESC Method

What are your feelings on self care, and what do you hope to change in your life that will benefit your loved ones? Please feel free to tell us in the comments, we would love to hear from you.



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