What is the save button on Pinterest

Pinterest Save Button: What Is It?

If you’re like me and have a Pinterest account that is showing you a “save” button instead of your usual “pin it” button in the top left corner of the images in your feed, don’t panic.

I noticed this today and at first was fairly confused. Had I done something wrong, or perhaps clicked on something that made my setting change?

What is the save button on Pinterest?

I started poking around in my profile, then my settings, then in the Pinterest help pages. No information about a save button. I decided to try my search engine, assuming I’d find a slew of articles explaining what the Pinterest save button was, and you know what I found?


I changed my keywords. Nothing. I tried going to page 2, 3, 4… nothing. What the what? How is this a thing on my feed and there’s no information on it to be found anywhere?

Confused, I decided to try sending a message to the Pinterest help center, asking specifically what the save button was, whether saving is any different than pinning, and why I have this on one of my accounts, but my other Pinterest account still has the normal “pin it” button showing.

Despite being warned by friends in social media circles, I actually got a reply fairly quickly. According to the Pinterest help expert who answered my query: “There is no difference. This is an experiment that Pinterest is currently running.”

So, it turns out I am just part of a beta test and nothing more. I’ll be back to pinning (now that I know that’s what I’m actually doing), and will no longer be concerned, though it does seem weird not to be “saving” and not pinning on Pinterest.

If you’ve noticed that little save button on your own Pinterest feed, now you know you’re not alone and it’s nothing in particular to worry about.

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