Content Guidelines

We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to submit your articles, stories and photos if you feel they resonate with our audience of entrepreneurial women around the globe.

Before submitting content, we ask that you please follow the guidelines below:

  • Please make sure that whatever you submit is legally yours.
  • Please make sure that whatever you submit is within the Terms of Use.
  • Adult content is allowed, BUT we will not accept sexually explicit content, images or photos, nor will we accept any content, images or photos involving violence or dangerous or illegal acts, swearing, hate speech, or any otherwise offensive material.
  • Strong and Worthy will deem what is considered acceptable, and we have the right to reject any submitted material if we feel that doing so is detrimental to the integrity of the site.

Additional guidelines for submitting editorial posts (if you are submitting a blog article, please follow the above guidelines as well!)

  • We are looking for editorial content, as opposed to advertorial content.
  • Please keep your article(s) general and not focused on your business.
  • Your name and a link to your site will be included at the endof your article(s).
  • If you prefer an advertorial, please visit our Contact page to send us a sponsorship or affiliate inquiry.
  • Please keep your article(s) between 500-800 words in length.
  • You may include non-logo photos for your article, but no more than 3.
  • Photos and graphics MUST be your own and will be subject to editing as required.
  • If there are people in the photos, we will require their written consent prior to publishing.
  • Remember the importance of key words- words that site users will type into a search engine in order to find content like yours. Use those key words in the article- for example: self care, wellness, health, fitness, etc.