Sara Hodge's CONNECT Facebook Networking Group for Entrepreneurial Women

Stuck on social?

Need even more great tips?

We love to provide you with helpful social media tips and tutorials here on Strong and Worthy, and we know you love reading them.

But we also know that sometimes getting feedback, discussion and networking opportunities can help make that info stick even better. 

Accountability and support? Yes, please!

The time for playing small is over

That’s why we created Connect – our FREE, info-packed Facebook community for entrepreneurial women. 

In Connect, we take the tips you get here a step further, expanding on them and providing additional insider information on the regular. 

  • Feeling stuck for what to say when you’re trying to network or promote in a Facebook group?
  • Trying to get your own Facebook group off the ground?
  • Wondering how to finally get noticed on Twitter?
  • Wishing you could get some help with creating social graphics?

It’s allllll inside. Plus the connection and comeraderie of other women like you, working to uplevel their social, attract more clients and get more visible.

Oh, and first dibs on all of Sara Hodge’s freebies and programs, for when you’re ready to take it a step further.

Ready to join in? Click here to join Connect and we’ll chat soon!