Gina Bello: Imagination and the Power of Your Trance on

Gina Bello: Imagination and the Power of Your Trance

by: Gina Bello

Last year I received a gift. It was this great little book and let’s just say that I love books; I am an avid reader. Compact sized, easily held in one hand and a deliciously quick read entitled Very Good Lives by J.K. Rowling. Although I have not read the wildly famous Harry Potter books, I have watched and enjoyed every movie ever made in that series (many of them a few times over). Talk about imagination!

Ms. Rowling’s theme for this book is centered on her commencement address to the 2008 graduates of Harvard University. In contemplating words of wisdom she wished to impress upon these young and ambitious students of life, in this enlightening account she shares beliefs regarding the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination.

Regarding her belief in the benefits of failure, she describes her own life’s experiences having failed miserably roughly 7 years upon graduating from her own University. She recounts how her marriage came to end; she was jobless and a single parent living very poorly. Her parents’ worst nightmare had come to pass.

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Self Care Video: Tips, Ideas and the ESC Method

I am incredibly excited to launch this first video in this tip-filled self care series I recently co-created with the fabulously talented Life Coach Elvira Hopper of!

I met Elvira a few years back at a networking event and knew at some point I would love to work with her. I am not one to normally use the term “effervescent” when describing people, but I will make the exception for Elvira, as she truly is what she claims to be: a woman living on a HIGH vibration. It’s impossible not to feel a wave of positive energy when in her presence and it has been an absolute honour working on this series with her!



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Moving Forward After Failure - Strong and Worthy

Failing vs Failure: Life Lessons From My Personal Journey

I need to tell you a little something about the “f” word.

No, not that one. But one that seems, to many, equally profane.

That word is failure.

Like many entrepreneurs, I have experienced my share of them amongst the victories. Some small, and one in particular, very, very big.

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Fast Easy Hearty Cabbage Soup

Fast, Easy and Hearty Cabbage Soup

Love cabbage soup but hate the fuss of making it?

Me too.

I don’t know about you, but “fast” and “easy” are not typically the words I would normally choose to describe what it’s like working with cabbage, including recipes for soup. In fact, there are approximately a gazillion things I’d much rather do with my time than core out and chop up a cabbage, no matter how yummy the recipe sounds. Working from home does not mean extra time to cook.

That said, I do love and often crave a warm, hearty bowl of cabbage soup and so I became determined to find an easier way to have it. Enter my flair for finding shortcuts to overly complicated… anything.

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