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5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

If you have made resolutions this year that are self-care related, such as making fitness a priority, eating healthier, losing some weight, or getting more sleep, you’ve made a commitment to yourself. Such commitments have proven hard to keep for many, and rightly so. We’re all leading incredibly busy lives, struggling as it is to find bits of extra time in our days for the extra things we want to do, never mind additional things we may not want to do.

And there is the problem.

Even with the best of intentions, if the resolution you’ve chosen is something you dread or genuinely don’t enjoy, it is destined to eventually fail. If something is going to be dropped from your to-do list in March, you can bet it’s going to be that thing that you hate but have been forcing yourself to do each day.

So, what’s the workaround?

There is one. Well, actually there are 5. And it’s not too late to deploy these tricks and help yourself push forward and be successful with your goals. The general idea behind each of these, by the way, can easily be applied to your work life as well. Hmm, perhaps a future post on that…

For now though, if you’re genuinely ready to rock some self-love this year and be the best you there is, it’s all doable. Here we go:

  1. If you’re hating the process, find a new process. This is the sticking point right here, the one that causes most people to jump ship in January. Is the method you’ve chosen to help you reach your goal not working for you? Drop that method, NOT the goal itself. Vowed to work out every day but cringe at the thought of going to the gym? There are other places to get a workout. Seek out some alternatives that speak to you, depending on what your interests are and hook yourself up. Consider dance lessons, volleyball, gymnastics, pole fitness or snowshoeing. Tight budget? Watch some fitness videos online and follow along at home. Hate the taste of those green smoothies your friends all rave about? Get on Pinterest and look up recipes for alternatives that are equally good. Change whatever isn’t working for you into something that does and you’ll be more likely to stick with it.
  2. Find an accountability buddy. This is where taking fitness classes or joining a sports team can be beneficial, giving you a person or group who can relate to your goals and will be there to cheer you on. If neither of those options is a fit for you, try finding someone who is into the same activity you are and who is willing to act as an accountability and encouragement partner, or try out a fitness tracker app that records your progress.
  3. Shake it off. So, you got discouraged. Believe it or not, getting a bit grumpy over missing the ball or not keeping up with your zumba class or not burning as many calories as you had hoped…is progress. The fact that you got discouraged means you care. And as long as you care, you are ready to keep going. So give yourself permission to feel a little disappointed, but don’t dwell on that disappointment too long. Put your game face on and let that inner voice be an encouraging one.
  4. Patience! Whether your goal is a lofty one or something relatively small, you will likely suffer the odd setback on your way to achieving it. Just as in tip 3, once you’ve shaken that discouragement off, keep this in mind: it takes time. Progress and results and success WILL happen, but likely not as fast as you want. Have patience with the process, keep your eye on the ball and know you will get there. You will!
  5. Be PROUD. Why is it ok to get discouraged with yourself when you mess up, but not to feel proud of yourself when you accomplish something? Let that mindset stop today. Feeling proud of yourself (and saying so out loud) is not only ok, it helps keep you motivated. Remember how good that used to feel when you were a kid and someone told you how proud they were of you? Give yourself that same feeling anytime you want just by saying it! This even goes for times when you haven’t yet achieved those goals you’re working on, such as right now. You know what? You should be proud of yourself just for making that effort. It’s not silly or arrogant or anything of the sort. It’s you being awesome, so own it!


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