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Impostor Syndrome: Forget the fear

Impostor Syndrome: Forget the Fear

I see a lot of discussion amongst entrepreneurial women, of dealing with impostor syndrome and challenging fears.

Whether it be fear of visibility, wondering what friends and family will think, fear of failure…even fear of success.

I have written in the past that I sometimes think it’s (at least in part) due to the societal pressures of modesty women are expected to uphold.

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How to Link Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Business Page www.strongandworthy.com

How to Link a Facebook Group to a Business Page

My new favourite Facebook Feature!

Have you been waiting to be able to link your Facebook group?

The feature you need is finally here.

As you know, I love giving tips about Facebook groups so I couldn’t resist posting this to help you out! In this post I’ll give you a step by step on how to link your Facebook group to your Facebook business page.

As a Facebook group owner running 3 different groups, I was more than a little excited recently to hear about this new feature. It took a while for me to finally get it but I did last night, and here’s what happened.

First, let’s do a walkthrough of how the setup works. It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes.

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Is Authenticity Returning to Social Media www.strongandworthy.com

Is Authenticity Returning to Social Media?

This post is an excerpt from one made by Sara Hodge in the Connect for Entrepreneurial Women Facebook group. For daily tips, support and information on social media marketing for small business, be sure to join for free right here.

Running the numbers

Ask any social media manager who is running accounts for various clients and they’ll all tell you the same thing.

The #1 concern of most clients? Numbers.

“How long will it take you to get my Facebook page to 10,000 likes?”

“How many followers can you get me in a week?”

“Can you make this go viral?”

Of course numbers are most certainly important, as is ROI. And it’s frustrating to wait sometimes for that hard-to-measure social ROI to finally kick in, since social marketing is a slow and gradual process.

Put an ad in the paper and you can tell in a matter of days if it worked or not.

Social… not so much.

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Modesty vs Marketing on Strong and Worthy www.strongandworthy.com

Modesty vs. Marketing: Online Networking Tips for Women

Originally posted to our private facebook group, Connect! for Entrepreneurial Women. For online marketing tips, connection to entrepreneurial women around the world, and inspiration just like this, be sure to join us here.

As women, we are taught from an early age to be modest. We are expected to downplay and not “brag” about ourselves or our accomplishments too much. We are told people will find it somehow offensive or distasteful. So, we learn to clam up.

As adult women running businesses, we tend to carry those beliefs forward into our professional lives.

Sadly, when our time comes to shine, we shy away from opportunities to take the spotlight, even though stepping into it would help our businesses grow.

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3 Automation Tips for Twitter

3 Automation Tips for Twitter

Do you automate your Twitter posts? While convenient, there are some good reasons to be mindful when considering automation.

Twitter is big on engagement.

As such, one major faux pas is to frequently post things that make it obvious you’re not there. Posts such as:

  • regular auto-tweets pushed from your instagram account
  • auto-tweets pushed from Facebook
  • scheduled time-sensitive tweets that are past their due date (think Valentine’s-related tweets in August – it happens!)
  • and worst of all, scheduled tweets that are inappropriately timed

So, what to do if you are pressed for time and need automation?

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Sara Hodge's CONNECT Facebook Networking Group for Entrepreneurial Women www.strongandworthy.com

CONNECT! For Entrepreneurial Women Facebook Group

It’s funny how sometimes things happen by mere synchronicity, if you’re paying close enough attention.

I’ve been intending for a while now to launch my third Facebook group dedicated to networking women, this one specifically for women entrepreneurs and not as locally-focused as the two I currently run. I wanted this group to be for ALL entrepreneurial women, regardless of their location, who are committed to creating, growing and nurturing their own networks, filled with their ideal clients. A group where I can share tips and knowledge I’ve gained from my 7+ years of experience running networking groups, both online and off, including my original Facebook women’s group, started in 2009.

I’ve been thinking about it.

And then yesterday, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a post from a friend of mine asking if such a group existed. I know there are women out there looking for this, and it suddenly hit me how silly it is for me to continue putting it off when I could be helping people.

And so, I took that as my wake up call, and did something about it.

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3 Ways to Turn Up the Awesome on Your Social Media Images www.strongandworthy.com

3 Ways to Turn Up the Awesome on Your Social Media Images

There are countless things I’ve learned in my years of adventures on social media, and in the last 3 years I’ve shared that knowledge by coaching businesses. In my coaching sessions, I’ve assisted clients with strategy, planning, and deciding which platforms are best for them. Once that is done we go into detail on how to get the most out of their social marketing.

There are a few very common issues I’ve found the majority of my clients to struggle with, but the #1 question they all have (and stress over!) is:

“What the heck do I post?”

The long answer to this is, of course, going to depend on some important factors. Some of these include: the individual business, what their goals are, what their clients respond to, what their brand’s personality is and so on. And all of those things most certainly play a huge part in getting it right.

Assuming you know most of that, there is one additional but commonly overlooked element: including great visuals.

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Gina Bello: Imagination and the Power of Your Trance on Strongandworthy.com www.strongandworthy.com

Gina Bello: Imagination and the Power of Your Trance

by: Gina Bello

Last year I received a gift. It was this great little book and let’s just say that I love books; I am an avid reader. Compact sized, easily held in one hand and a deliciously quick read entitled Very Good Lives by J.K. Rowling. Although I have not read the wildly famous Harry Potter books, I have watched and enjoyed every movie ever made in that series (many of them a few times over). Talk about imagination!

Ms. Rowling’s theme for this book is centered on her commencement address to the 2008 graduates of Harvard University. In contemplating words of wisdom she wished to impress upon these young and ambitious students of life, in this enlightening account she shares beliefs regarding the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination.

Regarding her belief in the benefits of failure, she describes her own life’s experiences having failed miserably roughly 7 years upon graduating from her own University. She recounts how her marriage came to end; she was jobless and a single parent living very poorly. Her parents’ worst nightmare had come to pass.

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Strong and Worthy Women of Inspiration Series 1 www.strongandworthy.com

Strong and Worthy Women of Inspiration Series

Welcome to the first piece in our Strong and Worthy Women of Inspiration Series!

As you may know, we’ve been asking our readers to send in their inspiring entrepreneurial stories lately, and we are thrilled to say the posts are rolling in! We hope you enjoy reading about each woman’s journey on her path to success, and feel motivated to share yours as well.

We, as women, tend to downplay our accomplishments or disregard the importance of sharing our stories with others, but that is precisely why sharing is so valuable. It encourages others to do the same. It empowers people who may be where you once were, feeling like they’re the only one. It inspires and truly humanizes the sometimes wild ride we’re all on as we work our way upward.

If you are interested in telling our readers about your Inspiring story, you can read more about how to get started here.

We would like to thank the lovely Sheila Hill for being the first woman in our series! Read on for her inspiring story!

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How to Network For Success on Facebook strongandworthy.com

How to Network for Success on Facebook, Part 3

New to our Networking for Success on Facebook series? Be sure to start by first reading parts one and two to get the full details on how to rock your Facebook network marketing efforts to the fullest.

In the last two articles we discussed how to get started with Facebook networking, and some general etiquette for groups. For part 3, we’re ready for good stuff: the networking! Time to get you started and looking like a pro with some easy tips to get you noticed.

Ready to get started?

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